Dr. Shannon Budiselic, DVM

Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist (CCRT; CRI 2011) and Certified Equine Rehabilitation Therapist (CERT; ARI 2008)

Certified Veterinary Pain Practitioner (CVPP; IVAPM 2017)

Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist (CVA; IVAS 2011)

Certified Fitness Trainer [human; ISSA 2014]

Corrective Exercise Specialist [human; ISSA 2017]

  Dr. Budiselic (pronounced Bew-di-selick) graduated from the WCVM in 2005 with Distinction.  She subsequently obtained certifications in Equine and Canine Veterinary Physical Rehabilitation, Veterinary Acupuncture, and more recently, Veterinary Pain Management (a certification that must be renewed every 5 years so practitioners stay up to date on current topics in pain management).   Dr. Budiselic is an avid athlete, and participates in endurance sports (trail running/cycling/long distance hiking), and she is certified as a human personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist.  As a veterinary rehabilitation practitioner, Dr. Budiselic has experience with all stages of canine mobility from puppy-hood to geriatrics.  She has experience treating cats and rabbits as well and loves seeing them in her treatment room.  All aspects of veterinary rehabilitation interest her, but she does have a soft spot for seniors, treating dogs with chronic conditions and palliative (end of life) care.  Sporting dogs are a definite interest as well as managing the day to day needs of puppies and adult dogs with an urban and rural lifestyle.  Dr. Budiselic has taught equine rehabilitation at the ARI in Florida, and has lectured on canine and equine rehabilitation.  She also enjoys mentoring DVM's interested in pursuing or expanding their career in the field of veterinary physical rehabilitation.  In her spare time, Dr. Budiselic splits her time between running mountain trails, getting bendy in the yoga studio and playing in her art studio.  Dr. Budiselic is also fond of growing and gathering medicinal herbs, and enjoys organic gardening all year round.  She is loved and adored by her ultra fluffy feline - Mimsy Denali and whimsical Bassett Hound - Maggy.

Dr. Budiselic practices out of her home at Little Creek Veterinary Hospital with a wonderful team who supports her practice.

Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, Canadian Veterinary Medical Associations

International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management

American Association of Rehabilitation Veterinarians

College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies

American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture

Fear Free Certified Practitioner

Referral Process

Your DVM or specialist DVM refers to Dr. Budiselic by visiting Equilibrium's Vet Portal and submitting an online referral form.  Supporting documents like diagnostics or xrays can be sent to equilibriumvet@gmail.com.